Research and Development


Current Focus of Research

SiC single crystal growth & epitaxy

    • Bulk growth by PVT (physical vapor transport)
    • Insitu digital x-ray imaging (2-D and 3-D) of the SiC PVT growth process
    • n-type and p-type doping by Modified-PVT (M-PVT) growth setup using a gas inlet for doping
    • Analysis of mass transport durning SiC PVT growth using 13C labeling
    • Experimental verification of modeling of sublimation and recrystallization
    • Poly-SiC growth
    • 3C-SiC on Si eptaxy

High Temperature Crystal Growth

    • Melt temperature up to 2700°C 

Nitride Crystallization

    • Insitu x-ray visualization of the ammonothermal crystal growth

Thin film solar cell materials (CIGSSe and CZTSSe)

    • Processing and characterization of CIGSSe solar cell absorber layers
    • Processing and characterization of CZTSSe solar cell absorber layers

Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCOs)

    • Printing of ITO nanoparticle layers
    • Printable hybrid ITO nanoparticle polymer composites

Semiconductor Characterization

    • structural ~, chemical ~, electrical ~, optical ~ (focus on topography)

Former Research Fields

Hybrid ferromagnet semiconductor systems

    • Formation of MnAs nanomagnets in GaAs
    • Magnetoresistance in GaAs:MnAs

Semiconductor quantum dots

    • Tuning of InAs quantum dots in GaAs using ion implantation

Rare earth doped semiconductors

    • Erbium and ytterbium doped InGaAsp (invited paper MRS1996 spring meeting)

Doping superlattices (nipi-structures)

    • Photoluminescence studies of InP doping superlattices