KET Technology Centre - Industrial Services in Crystal Growth of SiC


FAU - Industrial Services in Crystal Growth of SiC and related materials

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The Crystal Growth Lab at the Materials Department 6 (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) offers in conjunction with the University Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office services for industrial partners in the field of high temperature crystal growth & technology.

  • R & D contracts
  • growth machine design & prototyping
  • process development
  • support / consulting of industrial crystallization
  • training for industrial staff

In particular, high temperature crystal growth and epitaxy of wide band-gap semiconductors like silicon carbide and related materials belong to the key competences.


Lab information: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Wellmann, Crystal Growth Lab

Materials Department 6, Martensstr. 7, 91058 Erlangen, Germany



Bulk single crystal SiC growth (3 inch, 4inch currently developed)

3C / 4H / 6H polytypes and various doping

5 x inductively heated high temperature growth machines

R & D contracts on

  • seed development
  • doping
  • process visualization
  • process automation
  • growth machine development & modification
  • anything special / non-standard

Crystal Growth Schools

High temperature crystal growth

Melt temperature up to 2700°C

Epitaxy of SiC thin films

3C-SiC on Si

PVD processes - CIGSSe and CZTSSe

Evaporation / Sputtering of CIGSSe and CZTSSe systems

Nanoparticulate thin films

Transparent electrodes for optoelectronic devices



Semiconductor resistance measurements  

Hall mobility and charge carrier density


CL, PL, PL-Mapping, UV-VIS-IR-Absorption, Raman, FTIR


SEM, XRD, surface analysis by confocal microscopy